Oh Well

by I Can't

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All these songs were recorded badly in my bedroom/bathroom. There will probably be a point where I revisit these songs, rerecord them, and make them better, but right now I just wanted to share them with the world. I'm always learning, growing, and improving, but I also feel like it's important to document your starting point. Here's to putting yourself out there for anyone to see! <3


released April 3, 2017



all rights reserved


I Can't Cincinnati, Ohio

sad songs from a bedroom in Ohio

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Track Name: Fair Weather Friends
Remember when you said that we would always be best friends?
I know you're wrong.
Remember when I said that it would work out in the end?
I only said that to play along.
You've known for so long
You got it so wrong
Thank god the world's so nice to you.
Sure wish it'd be nice to me too
The truth is that I thought our friendship meant that you would always take my side.
I guess that contract ended when I stopped being fun and started hating my insides.
I went for so long.
I thought that I was wrong.
Fuck that, that's not what friends are for.
Not saying sorry anymore.
Oh, I'm not sorry anymore.
Track Name: Oh Well
Thought I would write something pretty
Thought you'd think it was nice
Being here's always shitty when you can't even follow your own advice
I try not to bother you
I try not to write
I try not to make a sound
It's never easy when your insides fight and the way you feel keeps coming out
It's bringing me down
Sometimes it's rough getting through things
Most times it ends up alright, but I feel like I am falling down a thousand feet tonight.
I wish that I never met you or that I never turned you down.
I wish I was a balanced girl who had her shit figured out.
It's bringing me down
It's bringing me down.
Thought I would write you something pretty
I hope you sleep well at night.
You know, I thought it'd be easy
*Surprisingly* I'm not right
It's bringing me down.